IPC Training and IPC Certification in South Africa

Get Affordable IPC Training and IPC Certification in South Africa

No need to incur exuberant costs traveling overseas, just to get your employees IPC trained – Local is Lekker!

We at Solve Direct Electronics can train your staff at our premises in Centurion, at your offices, or via online training.

We offer the following globally IPC accredited courses:

  • IPC Training and IPC certification
  • PCB Assembly
  • Class 3 printed circuit board assemblies and
  • Electronic manufacturing-related audits.

Phone: +27 61 816 2929

Advantages of IPC Training:

  • It establishes your organization as a leader and trusted provider within the industry
  • Increases customer satisfaction, increases order intake and drives more sales.
  • It proves that your company is compliant with Global standards and offers quality work that is consistent. (Feather in your cap)
  • Has immediate recognition, legitimacy, and value throughout the electronics industry.
  • Many quality systems call for a 3rd party verified (ANSI) training program. An IPC certification meets that training standard, hands-down!
  • Once trained, your staff will be able to efficiently produce a consistent, high-quality product, and effectively communicate with other manufacturers in your supply chain.

Who We Are

Solve Direct Electronics is the only South African Company that can offer all 5 IPC standards. We are a fully BEE level 1 compliant company and are 100% black-owned and managed. We are experts with over 8 years’ experience.

What We Do:

We offer a wide array of accredited IPC courses i.e. IPC J-STD 001 G, IPC 610 G, 7711 / 7721 RMR C, IPC 600 J, and IPC/WHMA 620 C. Our training model includes Online various video training and on ESD requirements.

Solve Direct Electronics also conducts audits on behalf of large companies and provides certified reports on audit findings. We also produce class 3 level printed circuit assemblies for various military and consumer electronic companies.

Phone: 061 816 2929 | info@solvedirectelectronics.co.za

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