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IPC-DVD-54C clearly explains all the critical information your operators need to control static charge build-ups and prevent costly damage to electronic components and assemblies.


The 1 HOUR Awareness training course that includes the below topics

  1. ESD Awareness
  • What is Static Electricity
  • What is ESD
  • What causes ESD
  • What types of materials can generate static electricity?
  • What effects ESD can have on electronic components
  • Problems related to ESD and the relative costs
  • Difficulties in identifying ESD related failure
  • Categories of ESD failure
  1. Material Handling
  • How to control generation of static electricity; how to control ESD
  • Work area control techniques
  • Proper packaging and handling techniques
  • Personal Grounding
  1. Working in an ESD-Protected Area
  • ESD Protected Area controls
  • Elements of an ESD-safe workstation
  • Proper use of foot straps

It covers the following:

  • The Physics of Static Electricity
  • How Static Charges Damage Components
  • Grounding
  • Wrist Straps
  • Shoe Grounding
  • Testing
  • Safe Clothing
  • Conductive Smocks
  • ESD-Safe Work Areas
  • Elimination of Static Generating Materials
  • Controlling Charge Build-ups (avoidance of activities that create static electricity)
  • Proper Handling / Storage / Transportation of ESD Sensitive Devices



This course clearly explains all the necessary information your personnel need to understand in order to control charge build-ups and prevent costly damage to electronic components and assemblies.


This training will increase customer satisfaction, higher product quality and lower yields. It Includes written Training Certification Test and certificates of completion for students with passing grades.

Suited for

This course is geared towards all manufacturing personnel who work closely with electronic components and assemblies. Also any office personnel who are likely to venture into the production area should be aware of the necessary precautions to be taken.