R2030,00 excl.VAT

This program has been developed to provide industry recognized training certification in CIS for your operators and assembly technicians and contains two training videotapes – VT-64C: Parts 1 and 2.

Trainees are asked to identify components in various assemblies.


The 1 Day Awareness training course that includes the below topics

  • Introduction Objectives
  • Identifying Through-Hole ICs Objectives
  • Identifying Common Axial and Radial Components Objectives
  • Identifying Other Through-Hole Components and Hardware Objectives
  • Introduction to Surface Mount Components Objectives
  • Identifying Surface Mount ICs Objectives
  • Identifying Chip Components, MELFs, SOTs and DPAKs Objectives


Ensuring that all personnel review the basic through-hole and surface mount assembly processes; this course covers component part numbers, bill of materials, component reference designators, markings, orientation, and polarity.


This course clearly explains all the necessary information your personnel need to understand to identify the most common SMT and PTH components. This is critical not only for “right first time” manual assembly but also for correctly identifying and labelling components as part of the Kitting process and also the inspection process. This course is now updated to include IPC Training Certification.

Suited for

This course is geared toward all new manufacturing personnel (Operators, Buyers, Inspectors and Stores Personnel) who work closely with electronic components and assemblies.