IPC-7711/7721 RMR

R7539,00 excl.VAT

The printed circuit board is loaded with expensive components…and it does not work! There is no starting over, and the choices seem ominous: scrap it or send it out. Either way, it’s going to cost you. Do you have a third option? IPC’s Rework, Repair and Modification Training and Certification Program offers your company the money-saving alternative: fix it yourself!


The rework Repair and modification training and certification program offers you and your company the money saving alternative

This program teaches industry-approved techniques on through hole and surface mount rework, land, conductor, and laminate repair. It also provides a flexible, highly skills-oriented training program with teaching materials that enable a qualified representative from your company to on a variety of procedures from the IPC-7711B/7721 RMR


The 5 DAY training course is focused on practical Hands-On.

Module 1 is mandatory before training on all other modules:

  1. Introduction & Common Procedures
  2. Wire Splicing
  3. PTH Components
  4. SMD CHIP & MELF Components
  5. Gull Wing Lead Procedure
  7. Repair of Circuit Board Pattern & PTH
  8. Laminate Repair
  9. Conformal Coating


IPC global accredited and recognized certificate will be issued reflecting the modules tested.

Certification is industry developed and approved that will teach you the skills needed to restore operation of expensive electronics assemblies. It can reduce the cost and waste associated with the scrapping of flawed boards and assemblies.

Suited for

This course is recommended for operators that work with electrical products and anyone involved in the rework, modification, and repair of wiring boards incl printed board Manufacturers, Technicians and Engineers.

This course is for candidates with advanced soldering skills making the IPC-J-STD-001 a prerequisite.