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This certification helps all segments of the electronics interconnection industry improve their understanding of printed board quality issues; greatly enhances communication between PCB manufacturers, their suppliers, and their customers; and provides a valuable credential to industry professionals as well as recognition for their companies. The IPC-A-600, “The Acceptability of Printed Boards”, describes the target, acceptable, and nonconforming conditions that are either externally or internally observable on printed boards.



Courses IPC-A-600 is a 3 Day Course suited for certified CIS (Certified IPC Specialist) IPC Specialists IPC-A-600 Training, and Certification gives the assembler the information to do a better job at incoming inspection. Knowing acceptable conditions means that PCBs are not needlessly scrapped; knowing nonconforming conditions saves the assembler from an expensive component mounting operation.


  • Policies and Procedures and Introduction – CIS Module 1
  • Externally Observable Characteristics – CIS Module 2
  • Internally Observable Characteristics – CIS Module 3
  • Miscellaneous and Cleanliness – CIS Module 4


The value of this IPC-A-600 training lies in the fact that the inspectors, but also other employees, have knowledge of the requirements and   and can make decisions whether a printed circuit board meets these requirements.

Suited for

Anyone who is responsible for product quality and reliability would benefit from becoming a Certified IPC specialist. Specialists, QA, QC, engineering, supervisors, or managers versed in electronic assembly make excellent candidates.